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Benefits Of Building A New Deck


    We’ve touched on this already, but it’s worth repeating.

Adding a deck provides you more room for hanging out and entertaining. Rather than stuffing everyone in the kitchen—while you cook and mix drinks—have them gather around on the deck furniture outside.

This gives you extra space inside, too, leaving you with a myriad of options for parties and playdates. The square footage of your home just went up big-time!


    Not only does a deck increase your home value, but it offers a substantial return on investment.

The typical ROI for adding a wooden deck is about 85% of the cost of the project. Homeowners who paid about $10,000 for a new deck saw their home’s value increase by almost $9,000 when it came time to sell!


    Simply put, decks look great and add a significant curb appeal to any home.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, too, offering you a plethora of designs and details to make yours unique.

Imagine potential home buyers scouring the neighborhood years down the line. If they see your neighbor’s house, and yours right next to it with a deck, they’ll likely be more inclined to check out yours first.


    Installing a deck doesn’t take as long as many other home renovation projects.

In as little as a few weeks, you could have a whole new addition to your home. This is another reason to hire a reputable contractor as well. They have the expertise to install it in a months’ time (or less), a considerable difference than a DIY installation would take.


    Say you want to increase your home’s square footage but you don’t have an endless budget.

The national average cost for installing a home addition is about $200 per square foot. Compare that with the average $30 per square foot of a new deck, and, well, you do the math!

Installing a new deck is a steal.

Average New Deck Cost

On average, homeowners tend to spend between $10,500 and $22,500 for a new deck installation. But what is it that makes for an average deck? Deck sizes vary and depend significantly on elements unique to the property. Generally, though, homeowners want one of three type of decks:

  • small decks – under 200 sq. ft. – for relaxation mainly

  • medium size decks – 200 to 500 sq. ft. – for dining, relaxing, and entertaining a small group of friends

  • large decks – more than 500 sq. ft. – may be multi-level – for cooking, dining, relaxing and entertaining larger group of friends

Building a deck is labor intensive and takes experienced contractors between one and three weeks to complete the job. While a handy person might be tempted to go the DIY route, it is not recommended. Decks must be ultra-sturdy. All floor boards benefit from being exactly even. Modern decks make room for electricity and plumbing that are well-hidden.

Material pricing is done on a per square foot basis, with a typical range between $7.50 and $30.00 per sq. ft. for materials alone. A professional crew will typically charge between $7.50 and $35.00 + per sq. ft. for all the warrantied labor involved.

So what makes composite decking such a great choice? For starters, composite decks are nearly maintenance-free. They don’t typically need sanding, sealing or staining. They do, however, require semiannual cleaning, which consists of a soapy water mixture and a low power washer or soft bristle brush.

What to Consider when Replacing your Deck.

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The original and oldest choice for decking materials, decks have been using wood for their makeup since their existence, so we know it’s a proven material that looks great. When it comes to wood, the biggest pro is that it’s economical, long lasting and comes in several different types of wood from cheaper, pressure-treated options like yellow pine or higher quality varieties like cedar and redwood.

Is composite decking better than wood? The primary drawback to composite decking is arguably the higher price tag. At $30-$60 per square foot for installation, the costs can rack up fast when compared to $23-$42 for natural wood. However, due to the pros associated with composite decking -- including the low maintenance, durability, and the long-lasting nature of the material -- the cost of composite decking can be easily offset over time, eventually saving you money in the long run.


Wood & Aluminum Pergolas

We offer wood and aluminum pergolas! We can repair or build you a new pergola or any wood structur you can dream up. Our highly skilled Sales Team and carpenters take the time to learn and create just what your looking for. If you can dream it we can build it! We have many designs.  Our design team is one of the best. They have years of experience in designing decks, perogolas, additions and much much more. The price of both lumber and labor are growing! No better time then now to build your dream pergola! Both our aluminum and wood pergolas come with our 5 year workmanship warranty! 

We have made adding a deck to your home simple. Our new age techniques have left others behind. Let us help you design the deck of your dreams.  Our attention to detail and commitment to proper building techniques ensures your project is beautiful and lasts for years to come! Our crew foreman ensure your project stays on budget and on time! Also every project is overseen by the owner himself. Thus further ensures a quality build. Find out what we can do for you! Give us a call!